marvel films

Marvel Films Kuala Lumpur is the first company in Malaysia engaged in the business of providing production support to film production companies. The idea of Marvel Films is to carry and represent production essentials to complete the status of Malaysia as a film friendly city. It is globally understood that no one production house could own the entire services needed in a film production. We are representing requirements which are needed on every film set on a daily basis.

Malaysia has a wonderful range of shooting locations and a huge well equipped local film industry. Marvel Films can provide you with the best that Malaysia has to offer, with every detail managed and co-ordinated to the standards that you expect. We have a dynamic team of dedicated film production professionals providing a balanced mix of local knowledge combined with experience of international production standards and methods.

Our products and services range will assist your production in :

  1. -Mobilization of film equipment on films set which are challenging to excess.

  2. -Mobilization of crew.

  3. -Holding/changing/ make up area set ups for talents.

  4. -Actors/ Actresses vanity.

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We support some of your ESSENTIAL Production Needs!